**Co-authored with my mentored graduate or undergraduate students
+First-authorship shared

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Selected Publications Under Review & In Prep

Block, K., Olsson, M., Van Grootel, S., Sun, M.**, Van Laar, C., […], & Schmader, T. (Under Review). Why is the gender gap in the care-professions larger in highly developed countries? Manuscript under review at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Block, K. +, Margoni, F. +, Hamlin K., Zmyj, & Schmader, T. (Under Review). Meta-analytic evidence against sex differences in infants’ preference for prosocial agents. Manuscript under review at Science.

Block, K. & Schmader, T. (Revisions Invited). Me, myself, and my stereotypes: Does retraining gender stereotypes increase men’s communal self-concept? Revisions invited for a registered report at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Gonzalez, A.M., Block, K., Oh, H.J.J., & Baron, A.S. (Revisions Invited). Measuring implicit gender stereotypes in early childhood using the preschool auditory stroop. Revisions invited at Journal of Cognition and Development.

Gonzalez, A.M., Odic, D., Schmader, T., Block, K. & Baron, A.S. (Under Review). Gender stereotypes impair preschool girls’ intuitive number sense. Manuscript under review at PLOS One.

Block, K., Gonzalez, A., Choi, C. **, Wong, Z. **, & Baron, A.S. (In Prep). Children’s implicit gender stereotypes in reaction to exposure to counter-stereotypical exemplars. Manuscript progress: 99%, to be submitted to PLOSone in April 2021.

Block, K., Wee, S.R.**, & Schmader, T. (In Prep). Men’s interest in communal careers; A dual-barrier perspective. Manuscript progress: 80%, to be submitted to Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in April 2021.

Block, K., Aday, A.**, & Schmader, T. (In Prep). Making America great for whom?: How Trump’s presidency affects fit and national identity among targets of bias. Manuscript progress: 90%, to be submitted to Self & Identity in May 2021.

Olsson, M., van Grootel, S., Block, K., Van Laar, C., Martiny, S., Meeussen, L., Schuster, C., Sun, M., Croft, A., […], Schmader, T. (In Prep). Mind the Gender Gap: Parental Leave Policies, Gender Equality, Cultural Values, and the Intended Uptake of Parental Leave in 37 countries. Manuscript progress: 85%, to be submitted to Psychological Science in May, 2021.

Block, K., He, J.Y.**, Anderson, J., Van Laar, C., […], & Schmader. T (In Prep). Too queer to care: career interest among non-heterosexual individuals across 46 countries. Manuscript progress: 60%, to be submitted to Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in June 2021.

Block, K., Gonzalez, A., Cimpian, A., Schmader, T., & Baron. A.S., (In Prep). Who is nicer?: gender stereotypes about communion and their relationship to boys’ own values. Manuscript progress: 50%, to be submitted to European Journal of Developmental Psychology in July, 2021.

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