My Team

Directed Studies Students

Clement Choi

Clement is a 5th year BSc Behavioural Neuroscience program. Clement is interested in learning about how stereotypes may influence children’s explicit and implicit behaviours, and how best to support children with atypical development. He is currently aspires to pursue graduate studies in School Psychology in the near future. Clement is also the senior Living Lab Coordinator.

Julia Broderick-Hale
Julia is currently completing her BA psychology with a minor in education. She will begin a directed studies project in the fall that will explore her interests of gender roles and stereotype threat. Her other interests include clinical psychology, mental health, and therapeutic interventions.

Jen Angelucci

I am a fourth year Psychology student hoping to pursue graduate school.  My research interests include the gender differences in self-esteem as they relate to social media, as well as the potential psychological impacts of awe-experiences.

Clemence Wassen

I grew up in France and in the United States before moving to Vancouver to come study Psychology at UBC. I am interested in child development, as well as the ways that our cultural identities shape who we are and how we act. As a Bachelor and Master of Management Dual Degree Student, I am also interested in organizational psychology.

Julia Wynne
Julia is a third year arts student pursing a major in psychology, a minor in speech science, and the TESL certificate. She hopes to achieve a master’s degree in Speech -Language Pathology. She is interested in all areas of cognitive development.

Volunteer Research Assistants


Sheila Wee

Simran Bhullar

Simran Bhullar is pursuing a double major in Psychology and English. Her goal is to attend law school and practice law in the future, and to one day publish her poetry and other writing.

Tenzin Butsang

Jessica Benson
Jessica is an RA in the lab and is a BA student at the University of British Columbia where she is majoring in psychology. Her interest in psychology began in high school and has guided her education and volunteering experiences. She is passionate about psychology and pursuing a PhD in the field. In her free time she enjoys exploring BC with her friends and dog and travelling.

Cherie Chang
I’m currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Behavioural Neuroscience and my research interests include how our perception of self / identity influences our behaviour and choices, although I am greatly interested in other fields of psychology such as autism and depression as well. I intend on attending graduate school in the future for Clinical Psychology and hope to be a licensed psychologist someday.

Past DS/Thesis Students

Mariya Balyuta
Zoey Wong
Gaylean Davis
Puneet Sandhu
James Davidson
Catalina Canon

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