My name is Katharina (Kate) Block and I am a Social Psychologist, who earned her Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Toni Schmader and did a SSHRC-funded Post-Doctoral fellowship at New York University with Dr. Andrei Cimpian and Dr. David Amodio. I am now an (tenured) Assistant professor in Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

I am broadly interested in how cultural beliefs about the social groups we are members of (especially gender) influence how we think about ourselves (our self-concept). I look at this relationship at an explicit, and at a more automatic/implicit level. At the moment I am very interested in how gender stereotypes influence men and boys’ communal values (how much do they value helping and caring?) and their participation in communal roles (are they interested in becoming nurses, social workers, or teachers? Do they think they will participate in childcare?)

In addition, I am the coordinator of a large cross-national collaboration (UCOM) with the goal of examining how national context (norms, beliefs, values, policies) shape men’s communal roles. With the help of 75 researcher teams, we have collected data from 49 countries. If you are interested read more HERE!


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